Greetings Visitors!

In this evermore digitally reliant world, thank you for visiting our website. The Junior League of Tallahassee (JLT) is an organization committed to improving the lives of women and families through effective leadership and trained volunteers. As the tip of the proverbial spear, I work alongside the Board of Directors and Management Team, support our Committee Chairs, and lead JLT’s external development efforts.

This year, JLT will continue its partnership with the HOPE Community, a shelter within the Big Bend Homeless Coalition, to end homelessness as well as kick-off a new partnership with Capital City Youth Services, an organization dedicated to promoting the healthy development of youth and families. Alongside these efforts, we will host our 24th annual Kids’ Boutique back-to-school shopping event and build upon the success of our Mighty Meals program providing youth with secure access to nutritious meals during Leon County’s Spring Break.

Did you notice that our signature partners and events focus on basic needs- clothing, food and shelter? You can learn more about this by reviewing our impact statement

Supporting our areas of strategic emphasis, our Member-driven fundraisers, like the Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) and Sunshine State Ball, help secure the necessary resources for lasting societal change. We then couple these resources, mainly financial, with our advocacy skills and  knowledge gained through our partnership with the Junior Leagues of Florida State Public Affairs Committee, to advocate for policies at the local and state level that will break the generational cycle of poverty. 

Furthermore, we will use this year to double-down on our efforts to create new standards for our organization. What do I mean by new standards? These new standards will be our new baseline and barometers of success. They will be where we start, not where we end because we believe a “new normal” is nothing more than following the ways of the masses. JLT is capable of more—we will chart the way.

We will embrace technology to its fullest extent, deepen our connections within the community and invest heavily in our Members’ development, exponentially increasing our donors and partners’ investments. We will solidify JLT’s role as a training ground for competent, skilled and inclusive volunteers.

We will honor our rich history while celebrating diversity and constantly working towards a more inclusive and equitable environment.

And most importantly, we will recognize and respond to our community’s needs. 

Thank you in advance for your interest in the JLT. As you continue to peruse our website, you will find more detailed information related to our community partners and projects, upcoming events, how to join and our funding initiatives. Our ability to make a difference is not possible without the service of our members, generosity of our sponsors, collaboration with our partners, and support of our donors.

If I have not met you in person, let’s find a time to connect! Email me at [email protected]

Be the one,

Samantha Sexton

2020-2021 President
Junior League of Tallahassee