Greetings from Midtown Tallahassee!

Thank you for visiting the Junior League of Tallahassee (JLT) website.  The JLT is a non-profit organization of empowered women who are dedicated to serving our community.  My name is Tori Cruce, and I happily lead the charge to make Tallahassee a better place along with our Board of Directors, Management Team, and Committee Chairs.

It is my great honor to serve as President as we celebrate our 60th year anniversary as a Charter League.  In support of this incredible milestone, we have launched an educational and fundraising campaign, 60 For 60 More. This Campaign is focused on moving the JLT forward for the next 60 years while honoring our rich history as community catalysts.  We will wrap up this campaign with an Anniversary Party in early 2020, and we hope that you can join us in the festivities.  Funds raised as a part of this campaign will be used to give our meeting spaces a much-needed facelift and improve accessibility for persons of all levels of mobility.

The JLT has been a premier service organization through the last six decades. This year, we began asking ourselves, “What does 60 years of service look like for our community?” and “How can we make our past members proud?” Therefore, I am pleased to announce that we are starting a new signature Community Project, Mighty Meals. At least one out of every five people in Leon County are food insecure, and this ratio only grows with our neighbors who are struggling to make ends meet. No child should go hungry during school breaks, and no family should have to choose between food and utilities, transportation, rent, or medical care. The mission of Mighty Meals is to help alleviate food insecurity and provide access to nutritious meals along with educational materials for elementary-aged children and their families during spring break.  Mighty Meals aims to assist in the fight against child hunger and food insecurity, and I am certain its impact will have a ripple effect.

If you have heard of our other successful projects, do not worry! We will continue partnerships with the Big Bend Homeless Coalition HOPE Community and Second Harvest of the Big Bend thorough our Jill Pope Community Partnership program. We will also continue work on our signature community projects Kids’ Boutique and Done In A Day. We are excited to see the result that these signature projects and strategic partnerships will have on our area.

Thank you for your interest in the JLT.  As you continue to peruse our website, you will find more detailed information related to our community partners and projects, upcoming events, how to join and our funding initiatives.  Our ability to make a difference is not possible without the service of our members, generosity of our sponsors, collaboration with our partners, and support of our donors.

The JLT believes in diversity and inclusion, as both allow us to fully leverage the talents and skills of all members. Our priority is to have a membership that reflects the rich diversity of the communities it serves. Our mission is simple, but our impact is not. We recognize our responsibility as leaders in our community. Our organization is more than just trained volunteers, we are advocates for the change we want to see in the world, and we start at our own backyard.  We hope the content you find on our website reflects our true passion for serving our community.

It is widely said that, “if you want something done, call the Junior League!,” and I could not agree more.

Cheers to #60More,

Tori Cruce

Junior League of Tallahassee