2017-2018 Board of Directors


Elissa Saavedra

Assistant Membership Director

Email: [email protected]


Board of Directors Committees
Ways & Means: Malena Allison
Project Research & Development: Hilary Crawford
Public Affairs:  Natalie Kato and Tabitha Harnage
President’s Assistant:  Christie Pontis
Management Team Assistant:  Sam Ferrin
Communication Council
Internal Communications: Katherine Guthrie
Public Relations and Outreach:  Katie Norris
Graphic Design and Special Project:  Jen Ireland
Community Council
Done In A Day: Agatha Wlodarczyk and Justine Hicks
Kids Boutique: Becca Piers and Marcy Frick
Operation Prom Dress: Amanda Wiggins and Catherine Gopal
Hope Community:  Meredith Hinshelwood, Allison Kingry and Lauren Thornton
Funding Council
Annual Fund:  Kathy Godwin
Cookbook: Beth Ann Trombetta
External Fundraising: Ashley Jarvis and Ellen Anderson
Internal Fundraising: Angie Herron and Lauren Snyder
Whale of a Sale:  Candy Munz, Jenn Stanford and Christie Pontis
Sponsorship: Samantha Blair and Hilary Gaines
Membership Council
Arrangements: Felicia Stokes and Sarah Andreolas
League Connect:  Allison Bubriski and Amanda Leighty
Mentorship:  Rebecca Weaver
Transfers: Marcia Warfel
Training Council
Diversity and Inclusion: Antoneia Roe and Grayson Hagan
Leadership Development & Training: Alexis Simoneau and Angela Roberts
New Members: Katie Britt and Tatianna DeGuillard
Teen Board: Brittany Allman and Michelle Avaroma